Lust.Punkt. l Beratung. Coaching. Therapie für Sexualität und Beziehungsdynamik

About us

... a platform of an interdisciplinary and freelance team of therapists

Counselling. Coaching. Therapy for sexuality and relationship dynamics

Singles and couples, queer, heterosexual, bi-sexual, trans* and homosexual people have had different - sometimes very specific - experiences and experienced setbacks. Experiences of discrimination, losses, illnesses, feelings of shame, stress, pressure to perform, conflicts are, for example, factors that can have an influence on your sexuality.

From our diverse fields of work and experience, we know that each person and their experiences require an individual approach. For some, for example, a conversation-based approach will be more helpful, for others a body-oriented approach and still others a creative approach. In most cases, a targeted mix of the different methods is appropriate.

That is why we at Lust.Punkt. develop an individual offer with you, for you. At the beginning we clarify exactly what YOUR goals and questions for sexual well-being and sexual health are and with which resources you can and want to achieve these goals.

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Comprehensive and professionally competent care for our clients is our focus. The Lust.Punkt. team meets you with care and tact.


For a satisfying sexuality.



Lust.Punktis the right address for your questions and problems around the topics of sex, partnership, relationship management, self-determination, sexualised substance use, self-perception, and more.


For all sexual orientations



We assume that satisfying sexuality is an important part of life for both singles and couples, regardless of sexual orientation.


Working methods.

Lust.Punkt. works with an intersectional and client-centred approach. Couple-, sexual- and body-therapeutic methods are combined. A structured, systemic and lifeworld-oriented approach allows for a holistic view of you and your sexual/partnership wishes and needs.

At Lust.Punkt. we develop - together with you - an individually tailored counselling or treatment plan.