Lust.Punkt. l Beratung. Coaching. Therapie für Sexualität und Beziehungsdynamik

Dr. Joris A. Gregor

Relationship and sex therapy, pedagogue (M.A.), further education, coaching

Main Focus

Sexual well-being of trans*, inter* and non-binary persons

Non-monogamous relationship constellations

Sexuality and the body

Shaping relationships between autonomy and commitment

Self-discovery and coming out (especially for trans*, inter* and non-binary persons)

Further education on non-monogamy and queer sexualities and gendering


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I live in Leipzig, am non-binary/trans* and have been a research assistant at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Jena since 2012. In addition to my academic activities in queer and gender studies, I have been working pedagogically and activistically in queer_feminist contexts since my studies (including projects on trans*inter*non-binary topics, workshops and further education). 

For more than ten years I have been leading exclusively relational anarchist-polyamorous relationships and since then I have been intensively dealing with relationship management, communication in relationships and the loving, appreciative handling in relationship constellations with more than two people. The continuous exchange with other queer polyamorous people is at least as helpful as my training as a coach in educational couple and individual counselling during my studies.



  • Head of the project "Modes of Late Modern Sexual Self-Evolution" at the FSU Jena

  • Publications on critical gender studies, queer studies, trans* and intersex studies

  • Doctorate (Dr. phil.) at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena with a biographical research with intersex people at the intersection of sociology, gender studies and queer theory (publication: Constructing Intersex. Intersex as a social category)

  • Studied education, gender studies and philosophy at the Georg-August-University Göttingen


  • Board member of Trans-Inter-Aktiv Mitteldeutschland (TIAM) e.V.

  • Training in Relational Dynamic Sex Therapy at the Institute for Relational Dynamic Sex Therapy, Berlin

  • Collegial supervision for activist group

  • Counselling activities on the topics of inter* and non-binary issues

  • Study focus on individual and couple counselling with coaching training (Prof. Dr. Bernd Fittkau)

  • Pedagogical work in the autonomous women's shelter, in open child and youth work as well as in the social service of the university hospital in Rostock

  • Further training in 'gender-sensitive child and youth work' (DGB)

  • Several years of self-experience