Lust.Punkt. l Beratung. Coaching. Therapie für Sexualität und Beziehungsdynamik

Marie Siebers

Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, sex and relationship therapist

Main Focus

Relationship building

Sexual needs and self-determination

Finding identity

Fears, anger and shame in the relationship

(Un)lust in the relationship

Fetish, fantasies


+49 151 58 54 33 18


I am living in Potsdam for 5 years, but my heart still belongs to Berlin. Therefore, I work part-time as an employee in the outpatient care service for the disabled, as well as self-employed as a sex and relationship therapist. There is hardly a more complex topic that can influence us so much in our being, positively as well as negatively. We often identify with roles, values and ideas that we have been taught and live in our systems. As a pansexual woman, dealing with conventional, normative

ideas is nothing new to me. In addition, I have been moving professionally and privately in kinky/queer scenes for several years. There I could observe how many people are always looking and sometimes struggling for a balance between normative patterns and individual freedom. Therefore, I am familiar with the challenges in the areas of relationship design and kinky/queer lifestyles; whether monogamous, open, extended, triangle, or BDSM with its many facets (D/s, TPE, EPE, SSC, RACK, etc.).


  • Worked as a support worker in outpatient care for the disabled, Berlin
  • Heilpraktikerin („healing pactitioner“) restricted to the field of psychotherapy (permission by the
  • health authority Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin)
  • Various self-awareness seminars
  • Training in relationship-dynamic sexual therapy at the Institute for Relationship Dynamics, Berlin - Freelance work as a sexual and relationship counsellor and psychological counsellor
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Art and Theatre in the Social Sphere
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art Therapy and Pedagogy