Lust.Punkt. l Beratung. Coaching. Therapie für Sexualität und Beziehungsdynamik

Urs Gamsavar, M.A.

Sex-and relationship counselling, addiction counselling & state-approved social worker/social pedagogue

Main Focus

Living with HIV

Sexual wellbeing

Sexual health

Finding your identity and coming out

Sexualised substance use

ChemSex and consequences


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As a gay couple and sex therapist, social worker, gender researcher and lecturer of many years' standing, I have extensive knowledge of the complexities of sexuality and relationship management. I have also been active in the queer/gay scene in Berlin for many years. Open relationships, polyamorous relationships, monogamous relationships, LGBTIQ lifestyles are familiar to me and so are the pitfalls that the complex issues and diverse lifestyles bring with them. Besides my private experiences, I have been working on the topic of sexual health for many years.


  • Project manager and coordinator of the quapsss model project "Quality development in self-help for MSM* who consume psychoactive substances in the sexual setting" of the German AIDS Aid.

  • Training in relationship-dynamic sex therapy at the Institute for Relationship-Dynamic Sex Therapy.

  • Psychosocial counsellor for people with HIV and HepC with a focus on ChemSex practising gay men.

  • Freelancer at Dreist e.V. in the sexual education school project KörperGrenzen (BodyBoundaries)

  • Studied Gender Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

  • Studied social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin with a focus on sexuality, gender and queer.

Publications in german language: Urs Gamsavar



Issue 10/2020

"Mit quapsss zur Selbsthilfe"

Ingo Drzewiecki


Issue 4/2019 –15, JG, München

"Neue Wege für Chemsex-User"

Holger Wicht


Issue 02/2020, Berlin

"Der Krise entfliehen: Substanzkonsum in der Corona-Pandemie"

Jeff Mannes 2019

"quapsss: Neue Wege für ChemSex-User"

Holger Wicht

Jungle World

Issue 2019/35, Berlin

"Es gibt Fälle von Traumatisierung"

Julia Hoffmann

HIV-Beratung aktuell

Issue 04/2019

"Projekt „QUAPSSS“: Neue Wege für Chemsex-User"

Holger Wicht, Axel Schock


HIV&more, JG, München

Issue 3/2020–16. JG, München

"Quapsss hat ́s gepackt!"

Urs Gamsavar

7. Alternativer Drogen und Suchtbericht 2020

"quapsss –Selbsthilfe im Kontext von Substanzkonsum und Sexualität bei MSM* (ChemSex)"

Urs Gamsavar, Dirk Sander

akzept e.V., Deutsche Aidshilfe

Pabst Science Publishers, Lengerich/Westf.


Radio 100,7 Luxemburg


"ChemSex ass net de Problem, mee e Symptom vun anere Problemer"

Tessy Steffen Koenig