Lust.Punkt. l Beratung. Coaching. Therapie für Sexualität und Beziehungsdynamik

Dirk Schlegel, B.Sc.

Sex Therapist and Psychology


Main Focus

Relationship Patterns

Sexual Patterns & Health

Sexual Fantasies

Attachment & autonomy / closeness & distance

Shame, guilt and anger in sexuality & relationships

Sexual well-being


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I am a gay man living in Berlin and currently work as a social worker in an outpatient residential community. Being in relationship with other people and sexuality are complex issues. Through several years of self-experience I was able to work on my own challenges in relationships and sexuality. I now accompany individual clients, couples and groups with their issues and challenges. I am also familiar with open and polyamorous relationships and LGBTIQ lifestyles.


  • Worked as a social worker (support service) in an outpatient residential community.

  • Heilpraktiker (non-medical practitioner) limited to the field of psychotherapy (permission from the Lichtenberg Health Office of Berlin)

  • Training in relationship dynamic sexual therapy at the Institute for Relationship Dynamics, Berlin

  • Freelance work in psychological counselling

  • Several years of self-experience

  • Master's degree in social sciences and psychology (i.A.)

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology (B.Sc.)